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Farook College (Autonomous)

UG Admission 2024
Rank List
B.A. Economics - (Category: SC)
Selection List
Sl.NoApp. NoNameIndexRankStatus
12413513ESWAR P PRAMOD12441SL
22420144ASWATHI K12412SL
32411723AMRUTHA V12283SL
42419350SAAVANA M B12034SL
52417261ANAKHA K M11805SL
62421101SANIGA T P11576SL
72414887ANEENA C V11257SL
82417242ANAINA RAJ K11188SL
92412838AISWARYA SAJI11179SL
Waiting List
102410635SANDRA S CHANDRU111710WL
112410441ARYA C111311WL
122413573ABHISHEK BABU1110.812WL
142418397ATHIRA P K110014WL
152413859ANAMIKA V109115WL
162418515KRISHNAPRIYA C M1086.816WL
172419871GOURI NANDA A108517WL
192417993ANUGRAHA. P108119WL
202414912MEGHNA P M107920WL
212417713SHARON J J107721WL
222417715SREYA C107622WL
232413120ATHIRA K106523WL
242418895SREESHMA N106424WL
252410694SRAVAN SURYA105925WL
262417250YADHU KRISHNA C105826WL
272417308KRISHNAVENI T105127WL
282416637ANUSREE E104928WL
292417567ADITHYA A M104929WL
302419252PRAVEEN V P104730WL
312418916SREEMAYI K103831WL
332413487ARYA PRAKASH V V103533WL
342415097ADHITHYAN C K103434WL
352418586ABHIRAMI P P1029.235WL
362416529SIKHADAS P P102936WL
372416674ANUSREE M102237WL
382415028ABHIJITH P P102238WL
392420506ANAGHA K102139WL
402413797HARICHANDHANA K P102140WL
412412344SUJISHA P101941WL
422420548SREERANJINI S101242WL
442419046AJAY T101244WL
452419311NANDHANA PM100845WL
462417503SIVANI S RAMAN1002.846WL
472418847ABHINANDA P100147WL
482420121ASWATHI RAJEEVAN P1000.448WL
502413319ATHIRA I98850WL
512415544PRIYESH P M98651WL
522417922AKASH A K98052WL
532414999KEERTHANA P P97853WL
542418027MAYOOSHA T V97854WL

SL=Selection List, WL=Waiting List

Important Note:

  1. If the applicant fails to produce supporting documents to prove their marks or claims for additional weightage during the verification process, the assigned rank will be adjusted accordingly, and they will be denied admission.
  2. Additional weightages claimed, such as NCC, NSS, SPC, Scouts, Arts, etc., should be at the +2 level, and valid certificates should be produced during the verification process. Failure to provide valid certificates will result in a change to the assigned rank, and the applicant will be denied admission.
  3. The first allotment (online admission) will be available from 06/06/2024 to 07/06/2024. Applicants are directed to take online admission before the specified date, otherwise they will lose their opportunity for admission to the programme.
  4. Read instructions for details.

Disclaimer: This Rank list is prepared for admission to UG Programmes for the academic year 2024-2025 at FAROOK COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS) and serves as first-hand information for the applicants. However, please note that it is not final and subject to change. The rank list is based on the online data provided by the applicants through the college's Admission portal.