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Farook College (Autonomous)

UG Admission 2022
Provisional Rank List
B.A. Arabic and Islamic History - (Category: Muslim)
Selection List
Sl.NoApp. NoNameIndexRankStatus
12215408ANSHIDA C16361SL
22214190SHIFA K16352SL
32216640ASHIKA V P16353SL
42222059HIBA K K16354SL
52221060HASNA K16345SL
62214970SHANA P M16346SL
72225183ISRA AZEEZ C16347SL
82222747SANA P16348SL
92215446HUDA MAJEED. K16349SL
112220826SHAFNA P163211SL
122220122IMAN THOLBA P163212SL
Waiting List
132219008FATHIMA SHEHLA163213WL
142212065SAHLA SHERIN P163114WL
152224572SHAHIN MOHAMMED P163115WL
172223689NAZHA LABEED N163017WL
182212225MUHAMMED AP163018WL
192214362JUMANA C162919WL
202227451FATHIMA SAFA.P.K162920WL
212213481AYSHA HANNA T162921WL
222216768NAJIYA NASHRIN V P162922WL
232215257NAFIA K162923WL
242215199FAYISA RISVANA K T162824WL
252218704SHAHANA SHERIN162825WL
262224442SIFNA SHERIN P162826WL
272212150FATHIMA AFLA K T162827WL
282220832JANNATH SHIRIN V T162828WL
292212000MUBASHIRA T162729WL
302216345FATHIMA SHAHMA. K162730WL
312215128HIBA C162731WL
322219965RANIYA P M162732WL
332217058MUHAMMED RASHID T T162733WL
342213719FARHAN C162634WL
352210059JINSHA FATHIMA.K162635WL
362214453NADHWA RAHMAN K162636WL
392216177HANEENA PAMBADI162439WL
402216457NAJA THASNEEM P162440WL
412224503NISMA THASNEEM A162441WL
422217493FATHIMA NAFLA O P162442WL
432226788NADA NT162343WL
442211742FIDHA JIBIN V T162344WL
452216022JUMANA THASNEEM P K162245WL
462218833FATHIMA JANNA K P162246WL
472218726SHAMLY C162147WL
492226414FARHANA K P162149WL
502216103SHAMNA O K162150WL
512214660ANOONA SHERIN.M162051WL
522214900NISHANA M P162052WL
532213199DILSHANA K161953WL
542215265RANIYA A M161954WL
552212108FATHIMA FIDHA C K161955WL
562219238FATHIMA SHAHANA P161956WL
572221263SHABEER ALI P161957WL
582221691FATHIMA LUBANA T K161858WL
592220638SANA. P N161859WL
602220215NAHIDA P161860WL

SL=Selection List, WL=Waiting List

Important Note:

  1. Complaints, if any, regarding indexing and rank list may be registered by sending an email to before 02-08-2022 5pm from your registered email id.
  2. If the applicant fails to produce supporting documents to prove marks, claims for additional weightage etc. at the time of verification the rank given shall vary accordingly and he/she will be denied of admission.
  3. Interview dates: 10/08/2022, 11/08/2022 and 12/08/2022. Call letter will be sent to your registered email id (check your spam folder also).

Disclaimer: This Rank is prepared for admission to UG Proggrammes for the academic year 2022-2023 at FAROOK COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS) and is a First Hand information for the applicants based on the online data provided by the applicant through the Admission portal of the college.