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Farook College (Autonomous)

UG Admission 2022
Provisional Rank List
B.Sc. Botany - (Category: GEN)
Selection List
Sl.NoApp. NoNameIndexRankStatus
22222340NANDANA K S10122SL
42213553NANDANA P10114SL
52214213NAYANA K10115SL
62221367AMITHLAL G K10116SL
72225428MALAVIKA C10107SL
82226679ABHIJITH K J10108SL
92218070NEHA A S10109SL
Waiting List
112226991ANAKHA A101011WL
122224243SHAMILA MINHA T100912WL
132215062ALONA ANIL100913WL
142221679MUKSITH E100814WL
152217380SITHARA SHERIN C T100815WL
162226314MUHAMMED AJMAL C P100816WL
172211376MUHAMMED NIDHAN K100817WL
182223969KRISHNAVENI S S100818WL
192214945VEENA SURESH100819WL
202227301MINHA SUBAIR100720WL
212220388FATHIMA JUMNA P P100721WL
222219555NASEEHA MEHBIN100722WL
232215094MUHAMMED SADIQ P S100723WL
242213258MUHAMMED SHIBIL M K100624WL
252214481HISANA SHERIN T100625WL
272218491NASHEEDA N100627WL
282227078ANAMIKA AJEESH100628WL
292225813MUHAMMED SINAN.A100629WL
302214276RISHA A P100630WL
312216989BINU REHMA100531WL
322216514ADILA ROOBI.C K100532WL
332214189ASEEM LAIS T P100533WL
342227491SREENANDA A S100534WL
352221362DEVANANDA M S100535WL
362225866NASEEFA NIDHA KP100436WL
372214799ADEEB N100437WL
382226770HRIDHYA B SANKAR100438WL
392221753SINSA K T100439WL
412216116SANGHAMITHRA C B100441WL
432219929AYISHA JINANA K M100443WL
442218235FATHIMA FIDHA M100344WL
462225545NEEHAR A S100346WL
472212275NAHLA AL RAYA100347WL
482214457FATHIMA JOUHARA A K100348WL
492213498SHIFANA K100349WL
502219282ANAINA MOOSA100350WL

SL=Selection List, WL=Waiting List

Important Note:

  1. Complaints, if any, regarding indexing and rank list may be registered by sending an email to before 02-08-2022 5pm from your registered email id.
  2. If the applicant fails to produce supporting documents to prove marks, claims for additional weightage etc. at the time of verification the rank given shall vary accordingly and he/she will be denied of admission.
  3. Interview dates: 10/08/2022, 11/08/2022 and 12/08/2022. Call letter will be sent to your registered email id (check your spam folder also).

Disclaimer: This Rank is prepared for admission to UG Proggrammes for the academic year 2022-2023 at FAROOK COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS) and is a First Hand information for the applicants based on the online data provided by the applicant through the Admission portal of the college.